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Solution for photovoltaic or wind power plants owners

Standalone device ENcontrol Power Balancer product sheet

Owners having properties with installed own power generator usually solve following problems:

  • Maximization use of own energy - in relation to actual generator power output some defined appliances are being turned on or off. This can lead to minimization of purchase electricity from distribution grid
  • Decrease main circuit breaker value - it can lead to decrease of fixed fee for object reservated input
  • Making suitable provision for some appliances with defined consumption - prevention against breaker blackouts
  • Operative decrease/increase overall input of the object
System conceptual schema

ENcontrol solution

  • User defines in software application appliances which can be due to optimization turned on/off by the system. It can be for example boiler, fridge, freezer, wash machine, pool filter, etc.
  • User defines priorities of appliances – it means importance of their turning off. Appliances with the highest priority are turned on for maximum time.
  • User can define to every appliance many parameters:
    • Minimal time of being on (eg. wash machine)
    • Maximal time of being off (eg. fridge)
    • Average input of the appliance - it uses optimization algorithm for counting
    • Controlled by tariff change
    • ... and many other parameters
  • User defines required limit of the overall object consumption – it means input into object minus output from generator and tolerance for optimization
  • Optimization algorithm periodically measures real consumption of the object and this value compares to required limit and tolerance. If these values are different, it does some actions:
    • When the real consumption is higher, it turns off the appliance with lowest priority which can be turned off. If the consumption is still higher, the algorithm continues in turning off
    • When the real consumption is lower, it turns on the appliance with highest priority which can be turned on. If the consumption is still lower, the algorithm continues in turning on
  • Optimization process can be parameterized in the system, planned, started or suspended. The user can monitor and control the system remotely.
  • In the case of system with central unit all measured values and actions are stored into database – on the central unit screen there are actual and historical development of the consumption, generation, current, voltage, etc..
  • System can be operated without central unit too. In this mode defined optimization is wirelessly uploaded into one ENcontrol device which completely controls optimization process.

Changes of the object's infrastructure

  • No existing device must be changed for optimization.
  • One-phase or three-phase appliances can be controlled. They can be connected through conventional socket or in switching box.
  • System ENcontrol is wireless, therefore its installation is very fast and there is no need to intervene into infrastructure of the object.
ENcontrol devices examples and software application


  • The price depends mainly on the type of the system (if it has or not central unit) and amount of controlled devices.
  • The price of fully functional systems starts on 280 EUR (3 controlled devices)
  • Central unit can run on every common PC


In the document Effectivity evaluation (in Czech) there is an example of bilance measurement in family house with PhVE 5KW installed before and after ENcontrol Power Balancer installation.


  • System can be enhanced of GSM modem for remote monitoring and control.
  • System can be modified in the other ways increasing comfort, savings and safety - see Solution for households.

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