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Solution for cottage or vacation property owners

System ENcontrol is wireless, therefore its installation is very fast and there is no need to intervene into infrastructure of the object. Only some changes in switching box can be taken. After system deinstallation the object is in identical state as before installation.

ENcontrol devices examples and software application

Planning and remote control

There is usually problem in recreation properties that they are for a long time without people and occasionally they must fully operate in very short time. Next problems relates to it:

  • How to keep temperature above frost
  • How to set heating to warm from Friday afternoon to Sunday noon only
  • How to monitor individual devices remotely
  • How to control individual devices remotely (eg. heating)
  • How to control whole object from PC via internet

All of problems listed above can be solved by ENcontrol system. The user can plan actions and define reactions in various cycles with various conditions and exceptions.

Using detectors, thermostats and humidity meters can be set automatic sustaining temperature, humidity, etc. User can monitor everything in the object using his mobile phone or PC connected to internet.


In the area of safety the system can offer various reactions on defined events - eg. signal from detectors. It is possible for example:

  • Connect to the system detectors of movement, smoke, glass crash, magnetic contacts, etc.
  • Connect to the system sirens, locks, etc.
  • Get various notification on mobile phone or email about detector signals
  • Plan switching appliances to imitate presence of the user (eg. light or radio)
  • Possibility to remotely check whether concrete appliance is really turned off (eg. owen or iron)
  • Connect the system to specialized security system to enhance its functionality

What we offer concretely?

  • Leasing ENcontrol components for short-time real consumption measurement
  • Sale of ENcontrol components for long-time measurement, control and continuous consumption optimization and security
  • Professional installation of the components
  • Analysis of measured data, help in making optimization decisions
  • Post-sale consultancy

What are usual prices?

Prices depend mainly on number of used modules, measurement time and complexity of installation. The prices are usually around:

  • cca 600-2000 EUR for complex system for a house

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