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Solution for flat or family houses owners

We can help you with ENcontrol system in your household:

  • Increase comfort
  • Increase energy savings
  • Increase safety

System ENcontrol is wireless, therefore its installation is very fast and there is no need to intervene into infrastructure of the object. Only some changes in switching box can be taken. After system deinstallation the object is in identical state as before installation.

System conceptual schema


In the area of comfort the system can provide to you switching automation and control of your devices. For example you can:

  • Exchange non-accurate mechanical or digital switching clocks with accurate switching modules, which operates in any possible cycle with various conditions and exceptions. Plan various actions.
  • Exchange hard setting thermostats, light-measures or humidity-measures with smart easy programmable modules, which can control heating, cooling, lighting, etc. Define various reactions to specific events and detectors signals
  • Remotely from mobile phone control and monitor state of devices (eg. remotely turn on heating before arrival)
  • Get various notifications on mobile phone about non-standard states (eg. electricity blackout or too high consumption)
  • Controll all devices and their setting from one place (eg. other PC or PDA)

Energy savings

In the area of energy savings the system can provide you real consumption measurement of your appliances. Based on measured data it can help you design or fulfill suitable changes which lead to cost cutting. The system can:

  • Continuously measure real consumption and other electric values like current, voltage, etc with high accuracy +/- 2%
  • Show consumption diagrams and characteristic time developments of consumption and other electric values
  • Get various notifications and alerts on mobile phone about non-standard states - for eaxmple too high or too low consumption
  • Automaticly optimze overall consumption of the household using turning on and off defined appliances respecting defined conditions
  • Notify about poor quality of electricity supply - the situation, when you are allowed get finantial satisfaction from energy distributor

To identify non-effective places and analyze overall consumption, there is not necessary to get the system for a long time. it can be leased for a short time only and after measuring it can be easily deinstalled.

You can read in short presentation how we measured one family house. What we measured and what was the result.


In the area of safety the system can offer various reactions on defined events - eg. signal from detectors. It is possible for example:

  • Connect to the system detectors of movement, smoke, glass crash, magnetic contacs, etc.
  • Connect to the system sirens, locks, etc.
  • Get various notification on mobile phone or email about detector signals
  • Plan switching appliances to imitate presence of the user (eg. light or radio)
  • Possibility to remotely check whether concrete appliance is really turned off (eg. owen or iron)
  • Connect the system to specialized security system to enhance its functionality
ENcontrol devices examples and software application

What we offer concretely?

  • Leasing ENcontrol components for short-time real consumption measurement
  • Sale of ENcontrol components for long-time measurement, control and continuous consumption optimization and security
  • Professional installation of the components
  • Analysis of measured data, help in making optimization decisions
  • Post-sale consultancy

What are usual prices?

Prices depend mainly on number of used modules, measurement time and complexity of installation. The prices are usually around:

  • Cca 400 EUR for leasing necessary device for measurement 15 appliances or circuits in one month
  • Cca 1000-3000 EUR for complex system for family house
  • Cca 200 EUR for analysis and making optimization decisions

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