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General information

Unique intelligent system developed by ENcontrol permanenty increases user comfort, safety of persons and properties and decreases costs of owning or operating properties used for housing or business.

Characteristics of the system

From the technical point of view, this is a set of developed special electronic and software components forming the superstructure over the house wiring. But its use is not limited to electrical equipment only. Functionality of the system is close to solutions known as "smart homes". It consistently fulfills all the following requirements that were set in the system:

  • BRICK-BOX PRINCIPLE - the ability to easily extend the system without additional costs from the mini-applications to solutions for large objects and eliminating duplicity with existing specialized systems (regulation, signalization, alarms, etc.)
  • OPENNESS OF THE SYSTEM - the possibility of connecting any device and possibility of enhancing functionality with connecting third party sensors and actuators (such as thermometers, hydrometers, smoke detectors, motion detectors, light detectors, etc.)
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE - the possibility of deployment into new or existing buildings without need of making any intervention in a very short time. Operation and configuration of the system does not need any special demand in comparison with other conveniences in contemporary households
  • PERMANENT POWER MEASUREMENT of selected devices is certainly another advantage over other existing systems. It provides continual optimization of the consumption with respect to lump payments to distributor and/or to own local power plant output. It provides data for assessing the effectiveness of the use of appliances, the appropriateness of the energy supplier tariff and control of delivery quality.
Examples of system components

Main features

  • Programming required events in the property, remote changes in the programme
  • Operational remote property control via mobile phone or the internet
  • Actual state signalizing, continuous monitoring of the situation in the property, alarms
  • Power consumption monitoring of the whole building and/or selected devices
  • Archiving measured values and historical events, subsequent analysis
  • Optimization of operation, size of circuit breaker, usage diagram, etc.
  • Monitoring of the energy supply quality