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June | 15 | 2017

A new version of control application in central unit released. This version is suitable for industry and allows device control with time precision of seconds.

March | 30 | 2016

ENcontrol helps city of Pilsen to mitigate potential black-outs. In a regional newspaper this was issued this article.

November | 16 | 2015

Start of selling new version of central unit based on dual core processor with memory size 2GB or 4GB.

October | 5 | 2015

New UPS CJ-UPS-12V providing continuous power supply up to 90 minutes and legal shut down for central units developed.

August | 17 | 2015

A new version of the software for central unit released. It is based on a new Linux kernel with extended abilities.

June | 26 | 2015

In the cooperation with Solar Controls company finalized a development of the wireless solution for famous product line Wattrouter.

May | 15 | 2015

A study "Zabezpečení krizových stavů v energetice města Plzně" being worked out for the city of Plzeň was finalized.

August | 25 | 2014

A new version of firmware for devices ENcontrol Power Balancer released. It contains new functions and enhanced possibilities of the control.

Our approach

What we believe in

  • Every human is fundamentally comfortable.
  • Every human likes when everything he loves is in safety.
  • Every human does not want to pay more than he really must.

Our starting points

We are feeling comfortable when:

  • Somebody or something makes regular work instead of us
  • We can do less steps to do something
  • We do not need to think still about something – somebody or something thinks instead of us

Contact information

Mobil: +420 739 500 517
Email: info@encontrol.cz