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Solution for building operators, technical managers, ...

... and everybody who wants to decrease operational costs

We can help you to identify opportunities for cost cutting. We can say to you how much you can save and on which conditions. We can help you define and partly fulfill such arrangements that lead to cost cutting.

System ENcontrol is wireless, therefore its installation is very fast and there is no need to intervene into infrastructure of the object. Only some changes in switching box can be taken. After system deinstallation the object is in identical state as before installation.

System conceptual schema

You can read in short presentation how we measured in one building owned by one of our customers. What we measured and what was the result.

What the system can bring?

  • Recognition of real consumption and other electric values in time of individual appliances or their groups
  • Identification of not effective places, identification of hidden electricity-eaters
  • Decrease or elimination of not-necessary consumption using planned switching or event-based switching
  • Identification hidden relations among appliances
  • Observing „energetic“ behavior of people in the object
  • Obtaining information used for accounting real energy consumption among various entities

How the measurement is usually prepared?

First, we look with you at all your important appliances. We decide, which of them should be measured directly, which indirectly, which in switching box, and which in sockets. In the case of set of similar appliances (eg. many similar PCs) we decide, how many and which concrete appliances is suitable for measurement.

We take care of:

  • measurement modules are used as few as possible (measurement efficiency)
  • measurement modules are placed into right places (measurement efficiency)
  • installation and deinstallation of the system is quick
  • we have enough correct measured data for analysis and making decisions

We use measurement technology which is very accurate - it measures with accuracy +/- 2%. We need some cooperation from your side: It means most of all cooperation in planning phase, installation and after it cooperation in phase of analysis and making suitable optimization decisions.

ENcontrol devices examples and software application

What we offer concretely?

  • Leasing ENcontrol components for short-time real consumption measurement
  • Sale of ENcontrol components for long-time measurement, control and continuous consumption optimization
  • Professional installation of the components
  • Analysis of measured data, help in making optimization decisions
  • Post-sale consultancy

What are usual prices?

Prices depend mainly on number of used modules, measurement time and complexity of installation. The prices are usually around:

  • Cca 400 EUR for leasing necessary device for measurement 15 appliances or circuits in one month
  • Cca 400 EUR for installation and deinstallation components into switching box (this can customer make himself, if he is able)
  • Cca 400 EUR for analysis and making optimization decisions

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